Chatting Children

The Chatting Children Programme is designed to encourage the development of oral language skills. It is appropriate for children aged from 3-6 years but is particularly suitable for 4-5 year old children. Storybooks are used as the context for oral language activities as they provide a familiar, enjoyable context for parents and a meaningful activity base for the children.
The programme is designed to be administered by schools and used by parents / caregivers with their children in the home environment. Parents, as primary caregivers, are the most important educators of their children’s oral language in the early years. This programme aims to assist parents in learning skills to encourage this development. It is not designed to substitute for speech therapy in cases where children have significant speech or language difficulties.
Structure of Programme:
The programme consists of 15 book packs. Each pack includes a story book and a folder of activities. Activities have been chosen to cover areas in both the understanding and expression of oral language together with early literacy tasks. The same basic pattern of activities has been followed in each pack, incorporating similar strategies, so that parents will find it easier to take the ideas as practised and apply them to any book that they read with their child.
Each pack contains activities in six areas:
  • Orientation to the story (Preparing to Read the Story) – with a focus on the modelling of rich oral language.
  • Comprehension questions (Understanding and Answering Questions) – using questions at various levels of difficulty.
  • Early literacy task (Encouraging an Awareness of the Sounds of Speech) – may include rhyme awareness, syllable awareness or sound awareness.
  • Following directions task (Developing Listening Skills) e.g,. craft or daily living activity.
  • Vocabulary task (Developing Vocabulary Knowledge) e.g., sorting, classifying, associations.
  • Sentence skills e.g., barrier games, sequencing activity, silly sentences.
To purchase this fantastic programme for use in schools, homes, childcare centres or preschools is available to purchase for $100.
The programme comes in a compact form of 2 CD's and a DVD which give full details of resources that you will require.
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