Medication at School

Should a student require the administration of medication during school hours, a letter of authority completed by the parent/care giver is required.
Prescription Medications: Where a medication has been prescribed by a Medical Practitioner and the child is well enough to attend school but needs medication during the day, parents are required to complete a Student Medication Authority Form. The form is to include the name of the medication, the dosage and the time(s) to be administered. Student Medication Authority forms are available on request from the school office.  Pharmacist’s directions and the child’s name must be clearly displayed on the container and be handed in to the School Office (refrigerated if needed).
Alternatively, you as parent may wish (as some already do) to come to school and administer the medication.
Non-prescribed Oral Medications:  Where a non-prescribed oral medication (such as analgesics) is required, a Student Medication Authority Form needs to be completed accompanied by a current Doctor’s written instructions.  
Children administering Medications: Children are not to administer their own medication except in the case of asthma inhalers.  A note from the doctor advising the necessity for the child to always carry the inhaler, is required. 
Storage of Medication:  All medication is to be labelled and stored securely in the school office and administration is monitored.  An official register for the “Administration of Medication” to students is kept and maintained in the School Office. 
Administration of Medication during School Excursions:  During school excursions, teachers are authorised to give medication.