Flexible Learning Spaces

​​The teachers at St Kieran's Primary School in Brighton  are utilising flexible learning spaces to educate children for an exciting future.

This year, the Northside of Brisbane school, ​has created flexible learning spaces in all of their classrooms and has purchased well designed modular furniture and mobile technologies to enhance flexibility and functionality.

Teachers and students have enjoyed arranging the furniture in what is known as the 'Cave', 'Storytelling' and 'Watering Hole' styles of learning – individual, whole class and small group work stations which has led to innovative lessons that stimulate and encourage more collaborative practices.

Year 4 teacher Mrs Simone Jones said “Flexible learning spaces help our children to collaborate and learn in group settings, yet can be adapted to suit quiet, independent learning when the situation demands".

“As a teacher, engaging with 21st century learners is very exciting".

“We are able to tailor the learning to suit the students and their learning outcomes."

“If we need a quiet space then we have spaces to accommodate quiet work and if we need collaborative group discussion we have customised spaces to allow this interaction" Mrs Jones said.

Principal Mr Ben Gray said “New technologies and advancements in ways of thinking about teaching and learning allow us to be more creative in the classroom".

“Student engagement and flexible teaching methods are two key focus areas of teaching and learning here at St Kieran's Primary School" Mr Gray said.

Families who are interested in learning more about flexible learning spaces are invited to contact the School Office on 32695989 to arrange a tour of the school.​