Catholic Education Week 2024

St Kieran's Celebrates Catholic Education Week 2024

Communities of Faith, Hope and Love

St Kieran's Primary School in Brighton, is excited to join 311 other Catholic schools across Queensland in celebrating Catholic Education Week 2024. 

This annual event, running from 21 to 27 July is an opportunity to celebrate and promote the distinctive mission and ethos of Catholic education. 

This year's theme, “Communities of Faith, Hope, and Love," highlights the core values that underpin our school community and the broader Catholic education system.

Catholic Education Week is a time for students, staff, families, and parish communities to come together and reflect on the unique contributions that Catholic schools make to society. 

With 312 Catholic schools across Queensland educating over 150,000 students, this week is a significant event on the educational calendar.

Principal Mr Ben Gray said, “We are proud to be part of a community that fosters faith, inspires hope, and demonstrates love. This week gives us the chance to showcase the exceptional learning environment we provide, embedded in our Catholic values."

“We invite everyone in our community to join us in celebrating Catholic Education Week at our school Mass on Thursday 25 July at 9am". “It is a wonderful opportunity to witness the spirit of our school and the positive impact of Catholic education."

Catholic Education Week is not just a celebration within the school; it is a time to recognise the collaborative efforts of teachers, students, parents, and the parish community in fostering an environment where faith, hope, and love thrive.​

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