St Kieran's ICLT Policy


Information Communication Learning Technology Policy [ICLT]


“The child continued to grow and become strong, increasing in wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." Luke 2:40


Provide a balanced use of technology to advance student learning.


Balanced usage of digital and information technology in the classroom;

Classroom learnings shall be appropriate and reflect each year level;

Ongoing up skilling of teachers to create meaningful curriculum and real-world learnings;

Commit to a robust resourcing budget for hardware and software;

Proactively engage families to support digital literacy;

Ensure safe use of technology by students and align with our school SAIL ​Matrix.


  1. Building Solid Technology Foundations
    We will invest in the teaching of technology-based skills to ensure students can access effective learning experiences.  Read more. 
  2. Seeking Solutions Through Technology
    Effective use of technology provides the potential to engage in a variety of problem solving and solution driven learning experiences.  Read more.
  3. Using Technology to Drive Collaboration
    Effective use of technology also provides the potential for positive social interactions and collaboration. Read more.

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    November 2019 | Prepared in consultation with St. Kieran's Board and the parent I.T. business community.
    November 2020 | Review date.