Excursions and Camps

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School excursions are an important and effective means of motivating students and engaging them in active learning experiences.  A range of excursions, incursions, speakers and productions further enhance learning experiences for students.  Excursions are linked to a unit of work being undertaken in classrooms and performances by visiting groups enhance learning across many domains. 
School camps are a valuable aspect of a fully rounded program of development for students.  They provide educational experiences unable to be catered for in a school environment as well as opportunities for physical development, social interaction, independences and resilience.  Our school camps include:

• 3 day Personal Development Camp ​(Years 4) – Sunshine Coast.  This camp provides team building opportunities in varied recreational activities and student development of personal identity.  
• 3 day Leadership Camp ​(Years 5) – Moreton Island.  This camp focuses on leadership and team work as students prepare for their final year of primary school.
• 5 day Canberra Tour (Year 6) – a traditional opportunity for senior students to experience the political culture and national exhibitions in Canberra.​