Assessment & Reporting

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​Assessment is an integral part of the teaching program. Teachers are continually assessing your child's academic, social, emotional and spiritual development. Some assessments are conducted in a formal manner and others are quite informal. Each is important in developing an understanding of how your child is progressing.

St Kieran’s endeavours to provide parents with ongoing feedback regarding your child's progress and therefore ensures that there are numerous opportunities to meet formally and informally to discuss this progress. ​

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher Interviews are scheduled during term one and term three and support the written student report. These interviews provide formal opportunities for parents and teachers to engage in dialogue about the progress your child is making- celebrating their strengths and identifying areas for further development. Although interviews are optional they are strongly encouraged.
Teachers and/or parents are also able to conduct parent/teacher interviews at any time they wish or feel that that they need to discuss some aspect of the child's learning. Parents are asked to make a time with the class teacher either by contacting them through writing, email or by phone. Parents are requested not to speak to the teacher on lines or while in the classroom as that is the time they are teaching and supervising the students and that takes priority.
Written Reports
Parents will receive two written reports regarding their child's progress, one in term two and one in term four.  In addition to the outlined formal processes, other opportunities for teacher/parent communication are:  
• Term curriculum overviews
• Interviews arranged by either teacher or parent to discuss a mutual concern.
• Celebration of Learning classroom open times