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Volunteering your time at St Kieran's
Volunteers, be they parents or friends of St Kieran's are very welcome and play a critical part of the daily life of the school.  Through involvement in the classroom, library, tuckshop, P & F, working bees or many other volunteer roles, your assistance ​enhances the quality of teaching and learning that we provide. 
Due to legislative requirements, it is mandatory that all volunteers (including parents of St Kieran's students) undergo student protection training.  Brisbane Catholic Education has developed an online training package to help facilitate this process.  Please click on the link below to complete.

All volunteers must complete this online training and hand into the school office a signed Volunteer and other Personal Registration Form. 

​St Kieran Non-Parent Volunteers (this includes grandparents of St Kieran's Students)
Form  In addition to the above requirements, all non-parent volunteers at our school must also undergo employment screening and receive a Positive Notice Blue Card for Volunteers.  this positive notice is an essential requirement, under the Queensland Legislation before volunteering can occur within our school.  

Information Positive Notice Blue Card for Volunteers

Parent and Non-Parent Volunteer Sign in/Sign Out
Parents and non-volunteers are required to sign in on arrival and sign out of departure at the school office when taking part in activities at St Kieran's during school hours.  This is a requirement to meet our workplace health and safety standards.