Reconciliation Action Plan

​Our Vision for Reconciliation at St Kieran's Primary School

​Our vision for reconciliation at S​t Kieran's Primary School is to be a community where First Nations peoples know that their histories, spiritualties, cultures, languages, traditions and continuing contributions are genuinely acknowledged, respected and valued.  Our school is situated on Turrbal Land, and we will prioritise developing respectful relationship with Elders and the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

St Kieran's Primary School's vision for reconciliation is motivated by our school's motto, 'Strength Through Caring'.  As a school in the Canossian tradition, we try to reflect their values into our everyday life, as we strive to 'have courage', 'give our best', 'do the small things well', 'be a team' and 'never give up' on our reconciliation journey.

As a community, we aim to contribute positively to our nation's future, which we feel depends upon true reconciliation and acknowledgement.  We acknowledge and are sorry for the past injustices and their continuing impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and seek to educate our community, in collaboration with First Nations peoples, to promote positive and genuine reconciliation.

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