How to enrol

​Applying to enrol your child/children at St Kieran's Primary school is simple via our Online Application Form.  Once submitted, you will receive an email outlining the next steps and documentation that you will need to apply.

Enrolment applications are processed according to the criteria shown below.

Enrolment priority
Criteria 1Siblings of Enrolled Students
Criteria 2 Baptised Catholics
Criteria 3 Children from other faith traditions whose families demonstrate commitment to Catholic education and its values
Criteria 4 Children from other faith traditions whose families demonstrate that they share the expressed values of the school and who are willing to support and contribute to the school's vision and ethos

Enrolments for Prep 2025 - Application Closed.  Waitlist only.​

​Enrolments for Prep 2026 and beyond is open.​

Applications for other year levels are subject to availability.  Please contact the School Office on phone 07 3268 5989.

C​lick on the button below to begin your online enrolment application:


A $50 application fee p​er application applies, payable when submitting an application/s for enrolment. Please contact the school to make payment over the phone or in person (please advise the School Office via email if making payment over the phone)

In addition to the completed online application for your child, a number of supporting documents will also be needed.  Please forward copies of the following:

• Birth Certificate

• Baptism Certificate (If applicable)

• Last two school reports and NAPLAN report (if applicable)

• Any medical reports (including Medical Action Plans)

• Any learning reports (including Student Specialists Assessments) 

• Any Legal Documentation (including Visa's)

Any application submitted without providing the additional documents above is considered incomplete and not be processed.

Documentation may be returned via:


post: 15 Greenwood Street, BRIGHTON, QLD 401

in person: 15 Greenwood Street, BRIGHTON, QLD 4017

Please Note: submission of an application does not guarantee an enrolment place.

What Happens Next?

After lodging an Enrolment Application​, you will receive an email verifying lodgement of your application.  Parents will then be contacted and invited to attend an enrolment interview.  It is important that your child/ren who are enrolling attend this interview.​

Prep Enrolments
A first round of interviews with parents/caregivers of prospective students for the following year will be held​ in Terms 1 & ​2 of each year. Please ensure that you have lodged your enrolment application and paid application fee for Prep by this time. The school will contact you to arrange an interview time. It is important that your child as well as both parents, where possible, is able to attend the enrolment interview. After all Prep interviews have been held, offers of a place in our Prep program will be made by email. Orientation meetings will be held in October to assist you and your child in preparing for Prep.

To enrol in Prep, children must be aged 5 years by 30 June in the year of proposed attendance. The table below is a guide to when children are eligible to enrol.

 ​​Prep dates.JPG
 ​Other Enrolments
​Enrolments for other grades can be made at any time of the year dependant of space available. Once your enrolment application has been lodged and application fee paid, you will be invited to attend an enrolment interview. It is important that your child or children who are enrolling attend this interview, with both parents if possible. Confirmation of enrolment will then be made within a few days of the interview.
If there are not enough places available, students will be placed on a waiting list. Parents will be contacted when a place becomes available.
Confirmation of Enrolment
Upon receiving a letter of placement offer, you will need to confirm your enrolment by completing a Confirmation of Enrolment Form and confirmation fee of $100 paid.  This form will need to be returned to the school office prior to commencing school.​
You are most welcome to visit our school prior to the formal enrolment process. Please telephone and a time can be arranged for you to do so.​​